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Consultant Interpreter

Consultant interpreters are available to support their clients with any questions on conference and event organization and thus take over an extensive part of the organisation work. 

This kind of service can include: 

- advice on planning/organization (premises, scheduling, conference technology / simultaneous interpreting technology etc.)

- organization of conference interpreters and/or the composition of teams of interpreters with a team leader and 

- organization (contracts with clients, interpreters and conference technology providers as necessary, distribution of preparatory material, central invoicing as necessary etc.). 

Early contact and in-depth collaboration with a professional consultant interpreter allows optimization of the communication situation (and often also the cost situation). 

We recommend the selection of a consultant interpreter who also works as a qualified conference interpreter and thus has the relevant specialist knowledge and the necessary experience. 

A special consulting fee is payable for the services of the interpreting consultant. 

* Courtesy of the VKD im BDÜ e.V.


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Objective: an event that is an all-round success with excellent communication.

Scheduling: there is a limited supply of professional conference interpreters. It is common for shortages to occur in months when many conferences are held. We therefore recommend planning with sufficient lead time in order to be able to book the conference interpreters who are best qualified for the job with regard to language and specialist skills.