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Interpreting fee / Travel fee / Per diem

Interpreting services are generally invoiced as a daily fee. Apart from the actual interpreting on the day of the event, the fee also covers the necessary preparation for the interpreter such as terminology research, induction into the relevant topic and also the organizational preparation for the assignment.

In case the client needs to cancel the assignment, a cancellation fee and the charges incurred by the interpreter up until this point are invoiced.

Travel fees are the compensation charged for the time of travel to and from the event that the interpreter can no longer use for other interpreting assignments.

If interpreters needs to travel to an event outside of their professional domicile, they encounter additional costs that they invoice to their client in the form of a so-called per diem allowance. 

* Courtesy of the VKD im BDÜ e.V.


Travel costs / Accommodation / Meals

Travel costs are the costs of traveling to and from the event, which the client covers against receipt or in the form of a lump sum compensation. 

The cost of meals and accommodation, if applicable, that the interpreter encounters as part of the assignment is covered by the client. Meals and accommodation may be covered directly by the client, against receipt, or as a lump sum compensation.

* Courtesy of the VKD im BDÜ e.V.