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Conference technology

Conference technology refers to the AV equipment, the simultaneous interpreting technology and all other technical devices and equipment used in the context of a conference (video streaming, projector, overhead projector, etc.) as well as the technician that is needed for the setup and onsite technical support of the equipment. 


Interpreting booth: a soundproofed booth that is used in simultaneous interpreting. Interpreting booths are the workplace of the simultaneous interpreter and must fulfill certain requirements with regard to design, technical equipment, lighting, sufficient ventilation and a direct view of the speaker and events etc. in accordance with the standards ISO 4043, ISO 2603, CEI 914 and DIN 56924.


Simultaneous interpreting technology: all the technical equipment that is necessary to interpret at an event: soundproofed interpreting booth/s, interpreting desk, microphones, transmitters, receivers, headphones, cables etc. Many event venues have fixed interpreting booths. Mobile interpreting booths and the corresponding technical equipment can be rented from specialist conference technology providers. The interpreting consultant can provide recommendations or a list of competent providers. The consultant can contact the relevant companies on behalf of the client, hold the necessary consultations and collect offers. 

Synergy effects are possible here if the conference technology is booked with simultaneous interpreting technology from a single source. It is always worth asking!