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From understanding to experience to success: Simultaneous translation/interpretation, consecutive interpretation, translations and consultancy from a single source.

It is one of the most important events in the entire history of mankind: the most renowned experts have travelled from around the world. A project that will lift the evolution of mankind to a new level. A dimension that has never existed before.

But the Tower of Babel failed. Because of a lack of language comprehension. That would not have happened with Klemke Language Services.

Perhaps it was a good thing that we didn't exist back then. Because of this we are all the more aware today what is required to make events with multi-lingual services and comprehensive organisation a success.

Are you looking for a 'simultaneous translator,' 'simultaneous interpreter,' 'escort interpreter' or 'consecutive interpreter'? Or do you need some documents translated? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. You will receive our quote within 24 hours.

The following list is meant to give you an overview of the type of events at which interpreters help to ensure smooth communication.

- Board of Management, Supervisory Board and other board meetings, general assemblies, analyst conferences

- product presentations, sales meetings, roadshows for products or services

- workshops, seminars

- depositions

- negotiations

- plant tours

- press events

- TV shows

- audits, due diligence projects, M&A, etc.

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