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The steps in an interpreting project

A successful event with satisfied participants requires a clear analysis of the requirements and project-specific consultation. After the client has reached out to the provider of language services in the context of a scheduled international event, the consultant interpreter drafts a quote based on the data provided by the client. For this purpose the consultant interpreter requests the availability of qualified, professional interpreters, and if applicable, the conference technology needed by the client. After the quote has been submitted the client has some time to review the quote and if necessary modify/amend it as needed.

If the offer is accepted and the contract agreed then the consultant interpreter will commission the team of interpreters and order the conference technology. In the course of further planning the interpreting consultant will transfer preparatory material to the team of interpreters. The interpreters will prepare for the interpreting assignment by using the preparatory material and by carrying out further research. The consultant interpreter will stay in regular contact with the client to liaise on further planning and organization.


Objective: an event that is an all-round success with smooth communication.

Scheduling: There is a limited supply as there is a limited supply of professional conference interpreters. It is common for shortages to occur in months when many conferences are held. We therefore recommend planning with sufficient lead time in order to be able to book the conference interpreters who are best qualified for the job with regard to language and specialist skills